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DC Drives, Drive Accessories, Encoders, Measuring Technology, General Automation
Pneumatic systems, Drives, HMI Operator Panels, HMI Operator Panel Accessories, Industrial Computers.

Energy sources, Modular Drive Systems, Motors, Power Supplies. Measuring and testing, Servo Drive, Soft Starter, Software & Programming Cables

Stepper Drive, Replacement CNC Monitor, Software & Programming Cables. Valves, Actuators, Industrial Ethernet, I/O Systems.

Industrial automation
And Electromaterial

  • Industrial Automation PLC, CNC, CPU, Sensors, Servo Drive and Servo Motors, Motion Control, Metal Forming, Industrial Robots.
  • AC and DC Motors AC Induction Motors, Vector-Duty AC Motors,
  • DC Motors (up to 2 hp), DC Gear motors (up to 0.25 hp), Worm Gearboxes and DC Motors.
  • Systems: HMI control devices, RFID - identification

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Industrial automation
And Electromaterial.

  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics Cylinders and Drives, Valves and Valve Systems.
  • Pressure Regulators, Flow and Check Valves, Compressed Air Preparation.
  • Connection Technologies, Sensor Technologies, Vacuum Technology.
  • Measuring Technology: Level Sensors, Gas meters, Flowmeters, Regulators, Thermometers, Manometers.
  • Actuators: Ball, Linear actuators, Positioning tables, Rotary tables.

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Industrial Automation
Hydraulic systems

  • Drives: Stepper Motors, Linear Motors, Servomotors, Torque motors.
  • Accessory: Timers, Laser marking, Panel measuring instruments, Counters, Process Displays, Motion Controls, Management sensors, Switching power supply, Display units
  • Pneumatic systems: Electronic flow regulation, Electronic flow measurement, Electronic pressure measurement, Hose, Handling units, Gas springs, Pneumatic valves, Drives, Positioning units, Rotary inlets, Distributions, Quick connectors, Couplings, Compressed air modification, Vacuum technology, Cylinders, Air motors
  • Cameras: 2D, 3D, Detection, Inspection Systems, Edge Measurement, Angle measurement, Measurement of surface area, Character recognition, Sensors, Color scanning, Search.

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Programming guide

Professional programming of industrial robots, automated production lines designing, implementing solutions.

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